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ParametrizedThreadStart Example

April 14, 2009
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A simple example of using the ParametrizedThreadStart delegate in C# consists of three steps:

1.  Add the apropriate namespace declaration and write the function that needs to be run on a different thread:

using System.Threading;
static void Work(Object o)

2. Declare the delegate:

 ParameterizedThreadStart pts = new ParameterizedThreadStart(Work);

3. Declare the thread and start it:

Thread t = new Thread(pts);
t.Start("Parameter String!");

The output should be “Parameter String!”. Remember  that it is best practice to always check for casting errors.

Of course, you could use the simpler syntax in which you do not even create the delegate, it can be inferred by the compiler. You could write just (instead of step 3):

Thread t = new Thread(Work);

and the code would work the same.

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