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VmWare Workstation Stop Services Script

April 21, 2009

On systems with limited resources with WmWare Workstation (or Player)  installed, stopping or disabling the VmWare services provides a performance increase. To create a script that stops the services, open a file, name it vmwareStart.bat and paste the following lines of code in it:

net stop “VMWare Registration Service”
net stop “VMWare Authorization Service”
net stop “VMWare Agent Service”
net stop “VMWare DHCP Service”
net stop “VMWare NAT Service”
net stop “VMWare Virtual Mount Manager Extended”

The script for starting these services is similar. Create a new text file called vmwreStart.bat and paste these lines:

net start “VMWare Authorization Service”
net start “VMWare Agent Service”
net start “VMWare DHCP Service”
net start “VMWare NAT Service”
net start “VMWare Registration Service”
net start “VMWare Virtual Mount Manager Extended”

Because different versions of VmWare products might have different services, I will explain how to find their names: hit Win key + Run, type services.msc and hit Enter.

In the services list that appears, sort by Name (click the column header “Name” ) and scroll down until you find “VmWare”. There you will see the VmWare services that are installed on your machine. You can select a service, right click  and seelct Properties. The following windows will appear:

VmWare Service properties window
VmWare Service properties window

If you want the services not to start on system startup (boot speed will increase), from the “Startup type” combo box, select “Disable” and the service will not start on system startup (running vmwareStop.bat on startup will not be required).

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