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Free ING Electric Orange account opening referral bonus

January 22, 2011

Update: ING Direct has been acquired by Capital One and is now called Capital One 360. To get the bonus for new Capital One 360 accounts please read this updated post.


ING Direct USA has one of the simplest to use web interfaces around and their savings accounts offer the best APY from the large national banks at the moment. This is why I recently made an account with then (you get 50$ free just for opening a checking account). I also found out that if you are using a referral when joining, you get 25$ extra (for checking: 25$ +50$ = 75$ total!, for saving it is a free 25$!). Now, if you want to get the money please use my referral.

For a savings account you can use this link:

If the link does not work, just send an email to my email address ingbonusd at with your email address and type of account you want (ING Electric Orange Savings or Checking) and I will send you back an up to date referral link. The only restriction is that your initial deposit should be of at least 250 for you to get the bonus.

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